Operating without an endowment or any dedicated source of support requires imagination, diligence, and enterprise. As we look to the future, your generosity will benefit future visitors who, by experiencing our shared history, will understand this extraordinary site and the people and their stories that shape our perspectives.

Sotterley’s Legacy is a Shared Legacy

Here are some of the many ways you can unite your legacy with Sotterley’s.

For more information on any of these options please contact Nikki Barr, Director of Advancement, at 301-373-2280 or advancement@sotterley.org with any questions.

If you choose to move forward with any of these options, please click the button below to fill out a Declaration of Intent to ensure our records are accurate and we can provide the best possible stewardship of your gift.

Gift & Estate Planning

With a gift from your estate, you can make a long-lasting impact at Historic Sotterley. Each individual legacy contributes to our financial strength and ability to preserve Sotterley for future generations. Different types of gifts may benefit you in different ways. Learn how you can support Sotterley with a bequest.

To make a gift to Sotterley from your estate, seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor.

Please use our legal name, address, and Federal Tax ID when incorporating Sotterley into your estate plans. 

Legal Name: Historic Sotterley, Inc.
Address: PO Box 67, Hollywood, MD 20636
Federal Tax ID: 52-6037721

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

A viable alternative to a cash gift is a gift of appreciated securities. If you have owned the stocks or securities for more than one year, you are entitled to a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of your gift to the fullest extent permitted by law. You also avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation of the securities. Please contact your financial advisor for further information about tax deductions and eligibility.

Electronic Transfer through your Broker may be transferred from your broker to:
Morgan Stanley – The Rosenfield Group
107 Centennial Street, Ste 102A,
LaPlata Maryland 20646
Phone: 301-396-3189
Account #928-893780-011
DTC #0015
FBO – Historic Sotterley

Please instruct your broker to call the development office at 301-373-2280, for acceptance of the gift and for further instructions.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds allow you to give to your favorite charity (including Historic Sotterley) with ease of use and many of the benefits of a private foundation. Your donor-advised fund is itself is designated as a 501(c)(3) public charity and therefore contributions into the fund are tax deductible. When you make a distribution from your fund to Sotterley, you can rest assured your gift will make an impact preserving Sotterley.

Donor-advised funds can be established with a number of entities, including community foundations, financial services companies. Be sure to work with your financial advisor to make the right decision for you.

IRA Charitable Rollovers

If you are 70½ or older, you can make a tax-free distribution from your traditional or Roth IRA to Sotterley without incurring federal income tax on the withdrawal. Distributions can total up to $100,000 annually.

How it Works
You direct lifetime distributions from your IRA or ROTH IRA to Historic Sotterley Inc. The distributions go directly to Sotterley and are not subject to income tax.

A gift through your IRA may be for you if:
You are over age 70½.
You want to make a significant outright gift to support Sotterley now.
You have adequate or surplus retirement savings.

Donors should consult their tax advisor to determine if supporting Historic Sotterley with a gift from their IRA is a good option.

Gifts of Life Insurance

By naming Historic Sotterley as the owner and beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you can make a significant gift in support of our work over the long term.

A life insurance policy gift that is no longer needed for family protection can make an excellent gift to Sotterley. The policy can be presented to Sotterley and the donor can realize the tax deduction for a charitable gift. Historic Sotterley benefits over the long term when the policy comes due.

Younger donors who wish to increase their commitment to Sotterley but lack at-hand resources can name Sotterley as owner and beneficiary of a new life insurance policy. Tax benefits are dependent on the structure of the policy.

Another simple way of supporting our work is to name Sotterley as a beneficiary of your existing life insurance policy. This is as simple as contacting your insurance provider to request a new beneficiary form to complete.

Corporate Sponsorship

We are grateful to be part of a Community That Cares. By partnering with Sotterley, you play a vital role in expanding educational opportunities for children and adult visitors. There are numerous ways to partner while sharing our strengths: sponsor events, programs, and exhibits, provide volunteers to support our events and our mission, or provide much-needed equipment for our staff.

To become a Corporate Sponsor, please contact Nikki Barr at 301-373-2280 or advancement@sotterley.org