Historic Sotterley Plantation located in Southern Maryland about 60 miles south of Washington DC

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Field Trips at Sotterley Plantation


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Current Sotterley Field Trip Programs

Tidewater Plantation Life
Appropriate for younger students in Grades 2-6, children are immersed in the daily lives of children on a Plantation using hands-on activities that illustrate work, games, education, clothing, behavior, and food using the backdrop of Sotterley Plantation’s outbuildings and gardens. Students compare the lives of these children to their own experiences. Students complete a Colonial craft to take home.

Slavery to Freedom
Students learn to appreciate what the life of an American enslaved family was like who lived and labored at Sotterley Plantation during the Civil War Era by participating in hands-on activities at our original slave quarter and outbuildings. Students will also hear the words of a Sotterley slave descendant and discover what historians must use to tell the story of the enslaved by piecing together artifacts, primary documents, oral history and other regional resources. Students will learn how to collect their own family’s oral history so they can begin to piece together their own stories.  This program was developed for middle school students.

Living on the Patuxent
Appropriate for grades 4-8, this program is designed to give students an historical overview of life along the Patuxent River. Students learn how the native people and early colonists used the natural resources available for the settlement of the region and how it shaped social and economic activity in the 1700’s. Students will work with primary documents and participate in a Triangular Trade exercise and a hands-on activity at Sotterley’s waterfront.

Archeology Rocks!
Using hands-on activities and teamwork, students will learn about soil stratigraphy and the guidelines for archaeological excavation. Students will work with a grid, excavate, sift, wash, and record artifacts and will be guided in the identification and interpretation of these artifacts as they pertain to Sotterley’s history using primary documents. Appropriate for grades 4-7.

To Live Enslaved
Using the backdrop of Sotterley’s historic buildings and site, this program includes an in-depth study and discussion about chattel slavery that existed at Sotterley for 165 years, using primary documents, oral history, and other regional resources, students connect the ramifications of slavery to our shared history and how it still has an effect on our culture today. Recommended for 9th grade and above.

Loyalist to Patriot
In Sotterley’s historic setting, this program was developed to enhance the study of our national and state government during the transformation of the colony to a state. Using primary documents such as letters, congressional records, and financial records, students will use role play and debate to see through the eyes of our founding citizens and the affects of these decisions on the daily lives of all the people of the community, state, and the nation. Recommended for 9th grade and above.

How to Book a Field Trip at Sotterley Plantation

Look at the field trip calendar to see what dates may be available that may work for you. Call 301-373-2280, or e-mail the education department at Sotterley to confirm the availability of the date you are trying to book.

Read, fill out, and return a completed reservation form.  Call 301-373-2280, or e-mail if you have questions. Full payment using the correct price for your school is required by check, cash, or credit card upon arrival unless other arrangements are made in advance. Numbers of students, teachers, and chaperones are important pieces of information for logistics and staffing. Please give a close estimate. If your numbers change drastically, let us know.

A maximum group size of approximately 60 students per trip is recommended. For larger schools and groups, it may be better to split into two groups and come on multiple days. Be aware that larger groups will lose some of the small-group learning benefits. All programs divide into 3 or 4 smaller groups usually and rotate in stations, depending on the program chosen.

Please give a close estimate about time of arrival and departure. Students can arrive no earlier than 9 AM. Usually, programs begin anywhere from 9-10:30 am. They can last up to 3 hours, not including lunch, but we adapt depending on your departure time. We know that circumstances are always hard to predict exactly. If you know you are going to be late, give us a call. Everyone is happier when there is good communication. Sotterley staff and instructors adapt readily to changing situations and needs.

Lunch can be worked into your program or saved for the end, but you need to let us know your preferences in advance.  We provide an area for students to eat their bag lunches on site if needed.

Sotterley operates rain or shine and will not cancel unless entire school systems close or cancel activities because of emergencies or extreme weather warnings. Students, teachers, and chaperones should dress in comfortable clothes and shoes appropriate for weather conditions. Sotterley’s programs already adapt for weather conditions. There is outdoor walking required for all programs. Some areas at Sotterley are not wheelchair accessible. Call to find out details.

Once your trip is booked and confirmed, teachers will have access to some pre and post activities to prepare and enhance the experience. Many materials are already available on the web site.

Get your students ready to visit one of the most unique and beautiful historic sites in the nation where three centuries of stories and history of all who lived here are told. After the trip, teachers will be asked for feedback on their experiences at Sotterley.

www.wikihow.com/Plan-a-Class-Field-Trip - nice link on how to plan a field trip!
educationnext.org/the-educational-value-of-field-trips - the educational value of field trips!

Check teacher resources in your district, they may have their own check-list. Use the experience and knowledge of those that have planned and gone before! Visit the site before you plan the trip!

Give your students the experiences and memories of learning for a lifetime. Good planning, communication, and plenty of information ahead of time will allow you to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and make for a more pleasant and less stressful field trip experience for all!

For more information, contact Jeanne Pirtle, Sotterley Education Director:
phone: 301-373-2280
e-mail: education@sotterley.org                                                                                                                                          [top]



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To preserve Sotterley Plantation's historic structures and natural environment and use the powerful stories of our land, lives, and labor to bring American history to life while serving as a cultural resource.  


To foster a better understanding of our world today by providing a living link to America's complex history and legacy of slavery.


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